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Budget & Architectual Design

The first step in the custom home process is the budget and design consultation. A meeting would take place to establish a budget and to determine the size home and locations that would work within that budget. We would make available many plans and photo books of homes we previously built for ideas and direction. A meeting with one of our prominent architects would take place in our office and the home design would begin to take form. Preliminary sketches would be drafted and modifications would be made until the perfect home is created. Final plans would then be drawn and the bidding process would begin. Pricing to construct the home with allowances predetermined by your budget and wish list would then be compiled and translated into a contract with detailed specifications

Every aspect of the home would be outlined in detail in the Contract Specifications. The pricing and payment plan would be outlined in a separate Construction Agreement drafted according to your specific needs. When the documents are completed and finalized the permit process would begin. The customers would then begin their selection process so that the building materials could be ordered. McNaughton Development, Inc. is there to guide and assist the customers every step of the way through the selections. You will have a Project Manager that will be in charge of the construction of your home and will be your direct contact.

Contract & Custom Specifications

Every McNaughton built-order customer will receive an in depth specification document that will be a part of their contract. These specifications will outline each category of construction and list specifically what materials, products, fixtures, appliances (along with model numbers) and allowances that relate to the home. These specifications will be determined through the budget and design process and are unique to each home. The contract document will outline the legalities and financial aspects of the home purchase and will also be customized for each homebuyer. McNaughton Development can assist the customer with financing and with other real estate transactions that they may need to make to move forward with their new home purchase.

Interior Design Consultation

Paul & Lynette McNaughton have 35+ years of single family home construction experience and will be there to assist you with architectural design, selecting materials, products, colors, etc. Lynette McNaughton is a Golden Key Award winner for her interior decorating accomplishments. You will receive personal consultations, assistance and recommendations with your home design or selections whenever you need it. McNaughton has samples and brochures available at their office for your convenience and will provide you with any resources you need to make sure that your selection process is a smooth and enjoyable one. Our goal is to deliver a homebuilding experience that surpasses your expectations and a fabulous dream home custom designed for your family.